Fink Beats The Stomach

The Fink Brothers are joined by the great Daniel J. Girgis to discuss the Aebleskiver & Shirmp Eating Championship.

There was also a twitter storm over the past few days, where people were discussing Kobi and a potential return. NY Post had a half page spread & we discuss!

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The Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival World Mutton Sandwich Eating Championship is in the books and we have the results! Also, breaking down one of the oddest press bits we've ever seen with Joey Chestnut "sneaking" into an eating establishment.


Later we discuss our suggestions on giving spotlights to more eaters & something on the indie scene that seems to be doing the trick!

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April 21st, 2018 was a day so prestigious that it needed two Nathan's qualifiers! The first took "wild" and "adventures" to a whole new level. Mostly by combining them into a venue name - Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia.


Matt "Hungry" Hazzard (Unranked) & Dee Martin (Unranked) took their competitive eating careers to new heights, as they both secured their spots for July 4th.

Mr. Hazzard joins the Finks solo for this latest spotlight. Mrs. Martin never returned our messages and is probably using her better judgement keeping away from us.


Regardless, Matt proves he is an upstanding gentlemen & competitor all while discussing his competitive eating origins, his experience in Valdosta, and what he hopes to accomplish on the 4th.

Perhaps most notably, an interesting wager is made between Hazzard & Fink - tune in to find out the details!!

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Three condiments & two contests - That is on the docket for this episode of FBTS.

Joey Chestnut has launched his condiment line and we are trying it out live in studio! I am sure this type of visual/tasty activity will translate very well to audio podcasting.

Then we discuss The John's Incredible Pizza World Pizza Eating Championship, as well as the National Sweet Corn Eating Championship. Can Esper's arms get any bigger? Is Matt Stonie in trouble going into the 4th? Can Carmen look more like serial killer?

All this and more!

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