Fink Beats The Stomach
Episode 36 - Lucky Lesco

We had a ball... AGAIN! This week the Fink Brothers chat about their second trip to Foxwoods with the returning Dan Girgis! In addition, Mike talks about his trip to the NYC Bierhaus bratwurst eating contest, which includes an interview with the great Molly Schuyler!! This is definitely a fun one.

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1st Annual Finkies Announcement!!

The Fink Brothers make their biggest announcement yet! The 1st annual Finkies - the 1st ever competitive eating award ceremony - will take place on Saturday, January 16th!


Come see us live at Bar9 in NYC on 9th Avenue between 53rd and 54th Street!


Follow us at to get all the info for the event and voting!

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The pre-Foxwoods round table is here with special guest Dan Girgis. The Finks breakdown the field of Foxwoods as well as get into the recent Gumbo contest with a special interview with Big Eater Mike. This episode is not to be missed - Let's have a ball!

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Episode 34 - I Love Me Some RC Cola

Pasta in Paris? Moonpies in Memphis? So much alliteration! Join the Fink Brothers as they breakdown these recent contests, as well as brats and and another stop on the Road to Coney. Not to mention live insights from fan favorites Michelle Lesco & Ronnie Hartman!

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This week the Fink Bros discuss Pumpkin, Poutine, and a new cruise line! Plus special interview segments with Yasir Salem and Michelle Lesco!

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The long overdue episode is here! The Finks talk about their hijinks in Buffalo, breakdown a ton of contest results, and preview some of the upcoming bouts. Not to mention an upcoming event where the trees are growing tall!

Steve Hendry wants you to listen to this edition of FBTS.

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The Fink Brothers talk holiday happy hours, Taco In a Bag, Buffalo, and more. Not to mention, James singing Target jingles, Mike getting hyped up, and Rey Ordonez. Its wacky, its silly, its this weeks episode of FBTS.

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The Fink Brothers finally get back on track with a sit down with Pablo Martinez. The Bros. get to know Pablo better, share some stories, get his insight into competitive eating current events, and compete in a music challenge! This super sized episode is not to be missed!!

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This Fink Brothers hammer out the details of their Hooters Wing Eating Challenge and do a TON of catch up with the world of independent eating. Corn dogs, crab fries, swamp monsters and more!

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Hooters 2015 - Adrian "The Rabbit" Morgan - Competitor Spotlight

The dark horse at this Saturday's Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship is without a doubt - Adrian Morgan. He sits down with the Fink Brothers for this spotlight as they discuss the Rabbit's technique, his past wing wins over Joey & Stonie, and why this contest is such a big deal. Plus they pay homage to the great city of New Orleans and of course the ladies of competitive eating.

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