Fink Beats The Stomach

One comment leads the Finks through the rabbit hole of reality tv - Potential podcast opportunity? 

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The final reset has come! 


The Fink Brothers get back on track and have some fun. Obviously that means a ton of off topic banter and competitive assessments based on shallow information.



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The time warp continues its wrath on the Fink Brothers!!!


As if the episode was recorded weeks ago, the Finks discuss Speedies, Ribs, and Oysters. Not to mention the weekly rabbit hole story, this week involving a young Splendore's triumph over his elder.


The reset is almost complete!!

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The Finks are looking to get back on track. Enjoy this episode where we talk about youtube challenges, upcoming contests (that are no longer upcoming), and the Olympics!


We'll get back on track eventually - I hope!

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