Fink Beats The Stomach

Princess Kassie returns! Not only to the Road to Coney, but also to FBTS. Listen as she discusses what it is like to make her big comeback, what she is looking forward to on the 4th, and her favorite buffet!

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Double Girgy? Don't adjust your earbuds - He is back!! The Finks + Girg discuss Gringo Bandito, Peeps, and the cinematography of Girl vs. Food Ep. 2! Of course, things go off the rails quickly & often.

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The Road To Coney 2017 Competitor Spotlight series kicks off in a big way with first time guest - Liz "Sweet Cheeks" McClurg! Mike gets the scoop on how she started her journey in competitive eating, her alternative persona during contests, and a shocking announcement!


The Road To Coney is full of surprises!!

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G-G-G-Girgyyyyy returns to FBTS! The trio (+ Kate... sort of) discuss Nathan's newest partnership, a full Road To Coney Recap, and of course many tangents along the way.

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