Fink Beats The Stomach

This Fink Brothers hammer out the details of their Hooters Wing Eating Challenge and do a TON of catch up with the world of independent eating. Corn dogs, crab fries, swamp monsters and more!

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Hooters 2015 - Adrian "The Rabbit" Morgan - Competitor Spotlight

The dark horse at this Saturday's Hooters Worldwide Wing Eating Championship is without a doubt - Adrian Morgan. He sits down with the Fink Brothers for this spotlight as they discuss the Rabbit's technique, his past wing wins over Joey & Stonie, and why this contest is such a big deal. Plus they pay homage to the great city of New Orleans and of course the ladies of competitive eating.

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The episode you've all been waiting for - The post Coney wrap up! However, the brothers are not just talking hot dogs... They also chat on wings, slugburgers, and inductions into the century club!

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The Road To Coney is finally pulling into its destination. The Fink Street Team joins the Fink Brothers in a roundtable of epic proportions. The crew gives their thoughts on the past, present, and future of the Hot Dog contest - it is sure to be filled with laughs, tears, and of course... controversy.

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The athletic powerhouse Yasir Salem rounds out the Competitor Spotlight Series for 2015 by chatting with Mike. He breaks down the transfer of knowledge from marathons to eating, his HDB goal for 2015, and his overall expectations for the day.

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