Fink Beats The Stomach

It was April 14th, 2018 and the smell of strawberries & Hot Dogs were in the air. The Lone Star State would welcome two young stars to the ranks of competitors for Coney Island.

Poteet, Texas hosted a one of the most competitive qualifiers we have seen thus far on the 2018 circuit. Juan Neave (Ranked #23) & "Princess" Kassie Zapata (Ranked #43) proved victorious for the second year in a row as a qualifying (platonic) pair.

The dynamic Texan duo joins the Finks to talk about the qualifier and beyond. Kassie discusses her post contest meal, how she was proposed to, and if she has a rivalry with the famed Mary Bowers. Juan proves he is here to stay and gives insight into his view on competitive eating, which is shockingly deep.


Too much information? Perhaps. Entertaining? Always.

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On March 31st, 2018, Miami hosted the first 2018 qualifier on the Road to Coney 2018. Hot Dogs, Sunshine, and America's Past Time.

Marlins Park housed an event of epic proportions. The crowd roared as the People's Champ Eric "Badlands" Booked (Ranked #18) secured his 20th berth for the mustard yellow belt. However, a newcomer perhaps stole the show as Tracie "Shark" Dickerson (Unranked) won in her debut with an overtime eat off!!

There is a ton to discuss as these two join the Fink Brothers to talk about the past, present, and future of their careers in Competitive Eating. Tracie explains her fandom of the Nathan's contest, paints a wonderful picture of her perfect July 4th evening, and the connection she had with the crowd in Miami. The Bad Man drops knowledge like only he can with what keeps his fire burning, why Coney is so special, and more!!

Make sure you listen to the end for an EXCLUSIVE surprise just for the listeners of Fink Beats The Stomach!!


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Is 2018 the year of the small town contest? James made the prediction and it seems to be coming true. As a way to keep the momentum, the Fink Brothers suggest their own ideas for future small town eating contests.


Next, hide your kids... this one isn't for the weak stomach. The Truth, Gideon Oji drops by to discuss his new YouTube channel and his debut video. If you are brave, listen in as the Truth discusses what it is like to eat 50+ eggs including the shells!

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