Fink Beats The Stomach

The #2 ranked eater in the world according to MLE, Matt Stonie joins the Fink Brothers for a long overdue chat. Hear his thoughts on his goals for 2015, his fellow competitors, and FINALLY receive resolution on the CLC collard shirt story.

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The fashionista herself, Mary Bowers, joins both Fink Brothers despite multiple technical hiccups in Fink HQ. Mary keeps the good times rolling as she discusses why she loves competitive eating, women's important place at the table, and a tease of her outfit on the 4th! 

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A true American joins the Fink Brothers on this spotlight. Ronnie Hartman comes on to discuss wrestling, past beefs, and the American dream.

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Coney 2015 – Gideon Oji - Competitor Spotlight

Potential rookie of the year candidate, Gideon Oji, joins the Fink Brothers for their competitor spotlight series. This interview is packed with professionalism, determination, and the competitor spirit. Don't sleep on this one!

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Grab a shot glass and play along - This one is a doozy! CLC joins the Fink Brothers once again to talk a little bit about himself... and a lot a bit about the last 20 years of Nathan's Hot Dogs.

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During this spotlight, Mike is joined by veteran Erik "The Red". The two discuss his first time at Cony, where "The Red" came from, and why he is a major threat on the 4th!

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Nasty Nate joins Mike for his first time on FBTS - They chat about Nate's first time at Cony since 2008, why eaters hate to be next to him, and his thoughts on the Nathan's after party!

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JMB returns with a solo Fink Brother to discuss Chi-Town, family, and hot dogs. Check out their chat to get you ready for the Nathan's championship!

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Michelle Lesco joins a solo Fink Brother to discuss her mindset going into Nathan's. The two discuss Vegas, training on Skype, and the weather... seriously the weather.

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Wow it has been a whole year! What the Fink Brothers have to show for it? Not much... They chat gyros, burritos, pepperoni rolls, and of course the Road to Coney!

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