Fink Beats The Stomach

The Rabbit returns to FBTS with the latest spotlight!


As one of the favorites to place this year, Adrian discusses his source of confidence going into the 4th, what makes this year different, and who he Finks his biggest competition is.

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The man everyone in competitive eating is talking about. Carmen shocked the world at the final qualifier on the Road to Coney 2016.


Hear about how he went from 13 HDB to 42 HDB in a year, what it was like being next to Joey when a WR was set, and why July 4th is an extra special day for him.

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Is Sophia DeVita the next big thing in competitive eating? Mike looks to answer that question.


Sophia DeVita came out of no where and won a spot at the sacred table of Coney. Where is she from? What makes her tick? What are her goals? Why am I asking questions in the description of an episode?


Find out all this and more on the latest spotlight!

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New Zealand sensation, Nela Zisser is making her return to Coney this year and is giving the Fink Brothers the scoop!

We pull back the curtain as we find out about what her experience was like last year, why she is so driven to return, and what how Nick Cannon somehow got involved.

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A true legend of the Coney table and someone who puts a smile on everyone's face - Larell Mele joins Mike for the latest Road to Coney 2016 Competitor Spotlight.


Larell shares what keeps her going back every year, the highs, the lows, and everything in between.


She's Kate's favorite eater! Don't miss out!!

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Can you hear me?! That's right Gideon Oji makes his FBTS return and is back with a vengeance!


Mike is left solo to defend the Fink Brothers and the recent jokes they have been cracking at the Truth's defense. If he survives, Gideon will share what he has learned over the past year, his mindset going into to Coney, and what he is looking forward to most.



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The Last Super and/or The Last Will & Testament? We hope not.


See you at Professor Thom's 



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The People's Champ is here! Badlands makes his triumphant return to FBTS on the latest Road To Coney 2016 Spotlight series.


The Big Man talks about the past history of Coney, his predictions for the 4th, and gives a sneak peak of the Surf and Stillwell 2 - Deluxe Edition. 


Wait?! A Fink track?!?!

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Wow! A historical episode indeed as the Fink Brothers have the sole Canadian (eh?) competitor for the Nathan's Famous contest.


BUT - more importantly we answer one of the biggest mysteries in Fink history! You do not want to miss this spotlight!

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The analytical assassin, Yasir Salem, is back to talk Coney!


Get insight into his training, why he has had such a great competitive eating year, and what he expects on the 4th .

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