Fink Beats The Stomach

All competitors have to earn their spot at the coveted table at Coney Island. All warriors must vanquish their local foes to gain a chance to achieve infamy. Although this is fact, not all gladiators have done so with the ferocity as these two gentlemen have - The Top Contenders.


Carmen "The Mutiny" Cincotti & Matt "Megatoad" Stonie have paved their Road To Coney in very different fashions. However, both have caught the eye of not only the Champion, but the world. 


This is their story.

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The show stealer is the one who makes the biggest connection with the crowd. The one who makes the audience feel the raw emotion that they themselves feel. It can be through a fierce spirit. A spirit that drives them to best all of the competition. It can also be through a larger than life personality, trash talking, and over the top antics. Whatever it is, these showmen cause audience members to keep coming back for more - if only to see what they will do next.


Gideon "The Truth" Oji & Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez join Mike for the latest stop on the Road To Coney 2017.

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Yasir Salem & Geoff Esper join Mike to tell the story of their Road to Coney. 


First up, Yasir Salem chats about his life goals for 2017, his training regime for Coney, and what his future in competitive eating looks like.


After an extremely impressive performance at his qualifier, Geoff Esper returns to the pod. Listen in as he talks about what it likes to be in the 50+ club, the Boston qualifier, and his goals for the 4th. 

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A monumental double spotlight episode, as first time Coney competitor Dr. Rene Rovtar & 20 year veteran Badlands Booker grace FBTS with their presence.


First up is Rene a superintendent with a glowing personality, who is crossing off a bucket list item by attending Nathan's this year. Listen in to her chat about the reaction from the school community, what it was like at her qualifiers, and if she sees a future in competitive eating.


Next up is the legend himself, Badlands Booker. BLB recounts tales of yesteryear, as he prepares for his 20th anniversary at Coney Island. Also don't miss out on his thoughts on the current field & two MONSTER announcements! 

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Our first double spotlight episode, as we are joined by newcomer Debbie Bethea & longtime friend of the pod - Steve Hendry.


First up, listen to Debbie chat with Mike about her roots in competitive eating, her plans for the all important introduction walk up, and the origin behind her nickname!


After that stay tuned for the always fun, Steve Hendry. Shockingly this will only be his 2nd time at the big show, so listen in to get into the mind of the enigma that is Steve Hendry. Steve Hendry discusses his qualifier in Syracuse, what pulls Angie out of retirement, and what he looks forward to most on the 4th!

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The Dark Horse was finally revealed, when Darron Breeden devoured 38 HDB in Norfolk! He joins both Fink Brothers to chat about his path into competitive eating, what triggered the improvement from 2016, and what his game plan is on the 4th.

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The Fink Bros are back from NOLA & ready to discuss the PACKED news items in the world of competitive eating. The boys breakdown the historic Quadurday, recieved a special report of the Ice Cream Sandwich eating contest, and of course give firsthand accounts of Mike's bachelor party during the Oyster Eating Championship!


Special Thanks to the amazing Lesley Ryder for the Ice Cream scoop! (Get it?!)

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A historic #RoadToConey Spotlight, as Mike is joined by the Royal Couple of Competitive Eating - Carlene & Rich LeFevre. Listen in on how these two started their eating journey, wacky contests they have participated in over the years, and even marriage advice!!

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The latest newcomer, Derek Jacobs, joins FBTS for this #RoadToConey Spotlight. Listen in to hear insight into how Derek integrated competitive eating into his day job, what his family thinks of his latest hobby, and what the future holds for him in the sport.

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Box Bitches Unite!! The always lovely Meredith Boxberger returns to FBTS!! If that wasn't enough - even James made it out for the interview!


Join both Fink Brothers as they discuss the diva's 6th trip to Coney, why her qualifier was extra special, and sports stuff.

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