Fink Beats The Stomach

Double Girgy? Don't adjust your earbuds - He is back!! The Finks + Girg discuss Gringo Bandito, Peeps, and the cinematography of Girl vs. Food Ep. 2! Of course, things go off the rails quickly & often.

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The Road To Coney 2017 Competitor Spotlight series kicks off in a big way with first time guest - Liz "Sweet Cheeks" McClurg! Mike gets the scoop on how she started her journey in competitive eating, her alternative persona during contests, and a shocking announcement!


The Road To Coney is full of surprises!!

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G-G-G-Girgyyyyy returns to FBTS! The trio (+ Kate... sort of) discuss Nathan's newest partnership, a full Road To Coney Recap, and of course many tangents along the way.

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We survived! Take that Eating Disorder!


On the big return, the boys discuss Wing Bowl, the Chili that was and the chili that wasn't. They go in depth on the biggest street festival in Miami, milkshakes, and breakfast.

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Listen to the audio of the antics that occurred at the 2nd Finkie Awards! Throughout the show, 5 awards are announced that celebrate the 2016 year of competitive eating. This happens amid Price is Right... but eating, Trivia Flip Cup Challenge, and an unforgettable performance from Badlands Booker himself!


Bits and surprises await you! Enjoy!!

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The 2nd Finkie Awards is Official and we have the nominees!!


Forget about the live stream issues - The Finkies are back!! #BetterGetASitter

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A Thanksgiving recovery edition of FBTS


A little light on the competitive eating news the boys chat about the upcoming season of the Bachelor (again), the intersection of Trump with competitive eating, and which ranked eater could make a run for the White House!

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The King and Queen of Brats has been crowned and the Fink Bros have the scoop! Not to mention a breakdown of their favorite and least favorite Halloween costumes this year and more!

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Wayne Algenio joins Mike for a much needed education session! The two talk about humble beginnings, All Pro Eating, and his favorite YouTube stars.


Get a preview of Wayne before he takes the stage on Saturday at the Bierhaus NYC National Oktoberfest Bratwurst Eating Championship!


He is all over various social media, but check out Wayne on YouTube at the link below!

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