Fink Beats The Stomach

Erik Denmark is making his 12th - that's right, 12th - appearance at Coney Island this July. However, even though it has been a year, many people are still talking about the controversy surrounding last year. On this spotlight hear Erik's side of things, as well as his hopes for this year, what it was like when he first started, and more!

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The always amazing Michelle Lesco makes her FBTS return on the latest stop on the Road To Coney 2017 Spotlight Series. She talks about her training for the big day, predictions for the 4th, and of course her latest charity campaign!

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DeVita is back!!!... and she's got some splaining to do!! Why have we not really heard from her in the past year? Why was St. Louis her spot? What is her connection to tax season??


All this and more on the latest spotlight!

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The glamorous one has returned to FBTS. Mary Bowers is here to talk about her 6th trip to Coney Island, qualifying in the sunshine state, and the power of woman in sports!

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Matt Cohen returns to discuss his pending first trip to the big stage! Listen in to hear about his long journey to get to this point, what it was like at his qualifier, and whether or not his family approves. All this and more with one of the nicest guys on the circuit today!

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Ask and you shall receive! Mike is joined by the newcomer, Stevie Palmer, for a blast of a conversation. Stevie gives the scoop on how school got her into competitive eating, her experience at the Louisville qualifier, and what she is doing to get ready for the 4th.

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The always amazing Pablo Martinez returns to FBTS to discuss his personal Road To Coney. Pablo chats about the tough loss last year, the qualifier in Ft. Myers, and what he is looking forward to most on the 4th.


Bonus James sighting!! Clearly, this is a special occasion!!

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The Rabbit returns to FBTS! Mike picks the brain of the veteran, as he prepares for his SEVENTH return to the big stage! What brought him to Miami? What are his thoughts on the abolishment of a Wild Card? Is he an equal opportunity eater?


All this and more on the latest spotlight!

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The 19 year old sensation made his MLE debut in San Antonio & now making his debut on FBTS. Mike chats with Juan on how he got into competitive eating, what it was like winning his first MLE event, and why July 4th is extra special for him. Bonus contest opportunity from Juan to the listeners! Make sure you listen all the way to the end!!

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Princess Kassie returns! Not only to the Road to Coney, but also to FBTS. Listen as she discusses what it is like to make her big comeback, what she is looking forward to on the 4th, and her favorite buffet!

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