Fink Beats The Stomach

Carmen Cincotti joins the show to give his reaction to the news of Joey Chestnut's retreat from the Trenton Thunder World Famous Case's Pork Roll Eating Championship.

Also hear his thoughts on the rest of the competition, his history with Pork Roll, & the potential of changing the holiday season as we know it.

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This week the Finks discuss results from Bacon & Brats, including a heart warming tale of marital proportions! Then it is Mr. v. Mrs. as Mike & Kate go head to head in the cheese battle of the century. Finally, the Fink Brothers welcome their first literary guest - Mary Bowers returns to the show to talk about her new book!


You can find Mary's book, Batter Up!: A Sprinkle Of Recipes From A Competitive Eater on Amazon at the link below!!




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West coast represent! Lesley Ryder joins the pod to give her first hand take of the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship. Next up, Mike is fresh from Buffalo to discuss the sights & sounds of The U.S. National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship. Finally, James gives hot takes galore when discussion turns to a 2018 qualifier occurring in 2017.

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The Fink Brothers are back after wedding, honeymoon, and being on the road! Not only was it a busy month, but MLE had four contests this past weekend. Mike emceed 2 of them, so listen in to hear some first hand insight, including his biggest blunder yet. Also, hear James' hard feedback to the higher powers on the most recent ranking updates!

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Right before Mike goes to get hitched, the Fink Brothers snuck in a recording recapping the biggest day in Competitive Eating!

Join them as they discuss their personal experiences on the 4th at the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating championship, the biggest surprises/disappointments, & a quick run down of some of the post Coney festivities & contests.

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Atleast for Fink Beats the Stomach, this is the culmination of the 2017 Road to Coney.   Listen in as the Fink Brothers breakdown the big day with Kate, Maeve, and Coney newcomer - Carbone. There are hot takes & controversy abound! See you on the 4th!!

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When a champion is crowned they become an icon of that event. They are the personification of the highest honor that can be achieved. Therefore, they have everything to lose, and almost nothing to gain - almost. That is because a true champion never backs down to challengers. Old rivals or new foes, they are ready at all times to prove once again why they are the best in the world at what they do. All adversaries better know - You come at the King (or Queen), you best not miss.


Joey "Jaws" Chestnut & Miki Sudo join the final installment of the Road To Coney 2017 Spotlight Series.

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All competitors have to earn their spot at the coveted table at Coney Island. All warriors must vanquish their local foes to gain a chance to achieve infamy. Although this is fact, not all gladiators have done so with the ferocity as these two gentlemen have - The Top Contenders.


Carmen "The Mutiny" Cincotti & Matt "Megatoad" Stonie have paved their Road To Coney in very different fashions. However, both have caught the eye of not only the Champion, but the world. 


This is their story.

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The show stealer is the one who makes the biggest connection with the crowd. The one who makes the audience feel the raw emotion that they themselves feel. It can be through a fierce spirit. A spirit that drives them to best all of the competition. It can also be through a larger than life personality, trash talking, and over the top antics. Whatever it is, these showmen cause audience members to keep coming back for more - if only to see what they will do next.


Gideon "The Truth" Oji & Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez join Mike for the latest stop on the Road To Coney 2017.

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Yasir Salem & Geoff Esper join Mike to tell the story of their Road to Coney. 


First up, Yasir Salem chats about his life goals for 2017, his training regime for Coney, and what his future in competitive eating looks like.


After an extremely impressive performance at his qualifier, Geoff Esper returns to the pod. Listen in as he talks about what it likes to be in the 50+ club, the Boston qualifier, and his goals for the 4th. 

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