Fink Beats The Stomach

The 2018 MLE season has begun & the Fink Brothers are breaking it down! Listen in to hear their thoughts on the contest, results, and implications for the rest of the year.

If that wasn't enough, the Chili Champion himself, Carmen "The Mutiny"" Cincotti drops in to give his first hand insight into the contest & NJ transit.

However before we get into any of that, Joey Chestnut has announced a signature condiment line! What the heck is Coney Sauce?

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On August 12th, 2017, the Road to Coney 2018 officially began.

The Iowa State Fair hosted the first qualifier for the 2018 Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship. A contest that is set to occur 326 days from the Iowa contest.

When it was all said and done, Sophia DeVita (Ranked #24) & Juan "More Bite" Rodriguez (Ranked #12) secured their spot at the biggest table in sports by eating 19 & 28.5 Hot Dogs & Buns respectively.

During this Spotlight, listen in to hear insights from both competitors as they prepare for Coney Island. How did wedding season play into Juan's choice of qualifier? Does Sophia eat hot dogs casually anymore? What do these competitors want the people to take from their performance on the 4th? All this, controversial statements, hot takes, and more!

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Philly had one hell of a week! The Fink Brothers discuss the fallout from Wing Bowl 26 - including the Wingette Contest, Press Coverage, and the always controversial results. Also, the boys turn to the people as they answer questions from the #FinkFanForum.

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An episode to kick off the New Year.


Recorded post-Finkies, but pre-Wing Bowl, the boys give their Competitive Eating predictions/hopes for 2018, thoughts on Wing Bowl, and some YouTube shout outs.


New year, same Finks!!

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Come join us and listen in on the live recording of the Third Finkie Awards!


5 Awards, musical performances, and bits on bits on bits.


The audio may not be great, but let that be a lesson that next time you better get a sitter and join us live!

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It is that time of year! The Third Finkie Awards will take place on Saturday, January, 13th 2018! Listen in as Mike & James go through the categories & nominees for the event.


But don't get ahead of yourself! Before we get there we need to finish out the Competitive Eating Calendar. As is tradition, the boys break down the St. Elmo's Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship.

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The holiday season has officially begun & the Fink Brothers are chatting about their favorite Thanksgiving memories! On top of that, listen in as they discuss a hilarious marketing ploy & Badlands becoming the real life Aquaman!


Gather round with the family & listen in to this Thanksgiving edition of FBTS!

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There are tangents aplenty in the latest edition of FBTS - Marathons, Rankings, Women, Indian Tacos - You name it & the Finks rant about it. The year may be winding down, but the Fink Brothers ineptitude never wavers!

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A spooky & scary edition of FBTS! The ghosts & goblins are out, as the boys discuss Memphis Moonpies, the results from pouting, & a Halloween Costume Quiz!

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A Live report from two.. count them... TWO contests! That's right the Fink Brothers, in some form, were live in attendance at the recent dumpling & pork roll eating championships! On top of that the Finks discuss results from Cheeseburgs & Tamales, as well as reliving the confidence crisis of their youths.

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